The Trails were first logging roads carved through endless hillsides, groves and wildflowers over a hundred years ago. Today, those paths have returned to nature in certain places, untamed, perhaps a bit like us all. We have uphill trails that open up to bald ridges overlooking the Allegheny Mountains, flat trails to disappear in the forest in, gentle downhill trails along our babbling creek, and trails we haven’t even discovered yet. 


The Creek has been a source of nourishment to countless generations of local wildlife, including brook trout, deer, black bears, turkey, bald eagles, and many other West Virginia species. Its current name, Files, derives from one of this region’s original Irish settler families.

And long before the Files family arrived, Native Americans were here, first naming the nearby Tygart River (that feeds our creek) “Stony River.” One look at our creek, and it might have been called Stony Creek. 

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